Wendy Nash

Wendy Nash,
Meditation Coach

Like you, my life hasn’t been a smooth ride. I’ve had to work through personal challenges such as the death of family members and divorce. I’ve lived overseas and not had people I could talk to about my troubles. Nonetheless, through trial and error, I figured out what works to become a happy person, to find balance in life, and to be upbeat about life.

In my 20s, I lost 17kg and kept it off for over 20 years.  I know the emotional work required to change eating habits, what triggers temptation and how to manage it when I fall over. My goal is to take care of myself to avoid being a burden on others.

In my 30s, I took up meditation to better manage my emotions and become resilient to the ups and downs that are part and parcel of being a human being. My goal is to be a calmer person when life gets tough.

Although I exercise most days, I can’t say it’s something I enjoy. I realised the most difficult part is ensuring it’s a non-negotiable activity in my day and getting over the first minute. My goal is the endorphine rush at the end and knowing I’m more able to meet the daily challenges.

Someone once told me, the time will pass and either you’ll have done it or you won’t, it’s up to you. That’s a philosophy I live by each time I want to give up on making the change.

Success is about making tiny changes in the ‘here and now’ so the long-term goal become a reality.

Clients have included a range of clients including CEOs, entrepreneurs, fundraisers and recent university graduates.

"I reached out to Wendy because I was feeling overwhelmed about my career circumstances and also some issues with my health. I immediately felt at ease in our sessions. Wendy is empathetic. She's a great listener and really offers no-nonsense advice and perspective. She helped to open my eyes to some of the subconscious behaviours which were contributing to my stress levels and general unhappiness. And this awareness really helped to put me back in the driver's seat and gave me a better sense of control over my life and just everyday actions.

I think the biggest change has been with regard to my health challenges and although nothing has changed on a physical level, I really don't give it the energy or worry like I used to. Spending time with Wendy has been one of the best investments in my future and I now feel like I have a strong toolkit to deal with anything that life may throw at me. I would recommend her to anyone."

Customer Service Manager, IT Software

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"Wendy helped me gain clarity around what I should be focusing on. Amazingly I've been able to remove the distractions from my day to day life, giving space to focus on the things that give me most joy and fulfilment."

— Johan

Creative Director, Branding Design Studio